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Elegant Landscaping LLC is located in Rolla, Missouri to offer the surrounding area high quality landscaping.

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In the spring of 1998, Elegant Landscaping & Nursery, LLC. was established for the purpose of offering high quality landscaping to customers in a 30 mile area with superior satisfaction. 


Overall, Elegant Landscaping & Nursery, LLC. can be characterized as a designer/installer of high quality materials and a superior maintenance company. Our business targets the residential and commercial market and has been successful by projecting a professional and competent image to the customer. 


Our vision is to become the most profitable and quality oriented lawn and landscape company in the area. As part of the vision we see our company becoming synonymous with such words as; professional, quality, competent, expert, and honest.



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Call (573) 364–9214 from 8a – 5p Monday-Friday, to set up a free estimate. Or email
By appointment only.

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How do I get an estimate?

All it takes is a simple phone call or email. You let us know what your interests are and we will visit your property for an assessment. 1 (573) 364 9214 or

How much does an estimate cost?

Absolutely nothing. Everyone in the Rolla area will receive a free estimate for any project.


What types of customers do you do business with?

We work for both the residential and the commercial consumers.


What is the process to receive a proposal?

Estimates will be emailed to client within one week.  If client accepts email proposal, a contract will be mailed to client. A sketched layout of the project can be provided for a $95.00 fee.


What is the payment process?

Upon acceptance of the proposal, we require that any job over $900, 60% of the project total be paid. After that, 25% will be due once the project reaches 75% completion and 15% upon completion of the job-the day of. 


What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check or any major credit card, excluding American Express.


What is the length of time to install the proposed work?

Most residential jobs are completed in two to three days per phase, depending on the type of work and the weather. Commercial projects will vary, depending on the size of the project.


Who will be at the job site to oversee the work?

Either the owner or a designer will oversee the crew on each job. This includes explaining to the crew supervisor the scope and requirements of the job, marking areas on which to work, approving materials, and periodically checking the progress of the project. At the completion of each job, the customers are consulted for final approval of the products and services.


What is this BBB and are you a part of it?

We are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2011.  This means the business' credit is checked several times a year, giving you peace of mind that our company is reputable and reliable.  We are here to stay and we know that after you choose us, you will use us for many years to come to assist you with all your landscaping projects.

Still looking for a reputable landscape company?  

Elegant Landscaping LLC was considered Business of the month in February 2007 by the Rolla Area Chamber of Commerce.